Augmenting Andriessen


In May 2019 Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam organised a festival for the contemporary Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. During the festivals a number of concerts, talks and presentations took place in the the Muziekgebouw

Together with makers from XRBASE, Orb Amsterdam developed an artistic AR experience for the visitors of the festival.


Geo-Fenced AR Experiences


In the Atrium of the building, the AR experience was inspired from the musical piece De Materie and in the terrace De Tijd.

For the two different locations of the Muziekgebouw building, we have developed two different experiences. Each experience is inspired by a different compositions of Andriessen.








Client: Muziekgebouw
Project Owner: XRBASE
AR Development: Orb Amsterdam

Art Direction: Vesna Petresin
3D Art: Aron Fels