Bring Your Wine to Life


Bring Your Wine to Life hosts different wine brands. Each wine brand provides a unique AR experience where the users can learn more about the wine, the food pairings and perhaps win a prize.

The application is availably globally for iOS and Android phones. It currently hosts two major wine brands: Tussock Jumper and Paxis.


Tussock Jumper Wines are produced and bottled in different regions of the world; and sold globally. Together with AR4REAL we developed the Tussock Jumper Wines App which later on evolved to Bring Your Wine to Life.

Using the application on their mobile device, users can scan the wine bottles from Tussock Jumper. The animals on the labels come to life and explain about the the wines and give food advice.


Paxis Wines are produced in Portugal and sold in different regions of the world. The name Paxis is inspired by a children’s game and it is also the name of the bulldog on the bottle label.

Therefore we introduced a playful experience for the wine lovers. They can answer the questions from Paxis the bulldog in AR and make selfies looking like the Paxis themselves.


Around the World

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The wines in the application are produces, bottled and sold in many different places in the world. Therefore the application is available in a variety of languages. We do this according to which wine is available in which country.

The app itself comes in 9 different languages including Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. The Tussock Jumper animals all talk in English; however they have have subtitles in 11 different languages.

This way the app is enjoyed all around the world.




Concept: AR4REAL
Development: Orb Amsterdam
Development Support: Michel Mohr
3D Character Art: TELKRAFT

3D UI Design: HAY St. – Roderick Meijer
Voice Over: Brahma Ramsodit
Music: Whoozy Agency