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Go Veluwe


Go Veluwe is a mobile application for young adults visiting the biking and walking routes in the Veluwe region of The Netherlands. The app combines a location based treasure hunt and AR with appealing back stories.

After downloading the app the users can select the route they want to follow. Then a map will guide them to different point-of-interesets in that route.

Once they reach the location of the point of interest the app will switch to an AR mode and allow them to search for hidden objects in AR.

The app was launched in May 2019 and is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


More Routes in 2020

The pilot version of the application is launched for the biking route starting from the Apeldoorn train station and follows a small portion of the Veluwe region.

In 2020 more routes in the region will be added to the application. Covering more and more of Veluwe.




Client: Go Veluwe
App Development: Orb Amsterdam
3D Art: Studio Barbar