Levend Landschap


Stichting Landschap Oldambt is a local foundation from the the Groningen province of The Netherlands. Their main goal is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage in the area. In the borders of the Oldambt there are several walking and biking routes. Foundation wants to promote these routes using the latest technology.


Together with Hippo Design and AR4REAL we developed the Levend Landschap AR application for iOS and Android. Visitors of the routes can use this application to watch their surroundings in realtime.

Using AR technology and GPS information, the point of interests around Oldambt routes are augmented around the user. The user can tap on get more information. They can also view old structures in AR, even though they do not exist any more.




Concept: AR4REAL / Hippo Design
Development: Orb Amsterdam
UI Design: HAY St. – Roderick Meijer