Rembrandt Privé


City Archive of Amsterdam organised the exhibition Rembrandt Privé. 17th-century-documents about the private life of Rembrandt van Rijn were on display.

Together with Synergique, the designer and maker of the exhibition, we developed the augmented reality experience for the exhibition.


Bringing 17th-Century Documents to Life


At the end of each experience users can view the document where a section is translated and it is highlighted in AR.

Visitors can use the Rembrandt Viewer, a dedicated iPad with our AR software installed, and the stories from the documents come to life as animations and 3D reconstructions.


Key Numbers


The exhibition was open from December 7th, 2018 until April 7th, 2019; six days a week. During this time it was visited by more than 10 thousands visitors.

The AR experiences was scanned 112.410 times. So the on average each visitor scan 10 AR experience. Below are the numbers how many times the top-10 experiences were scanned.





Exhibition design: Synergique
AR Development: Orb Amsterdam
3D Art: Aron Fels

Music and sound design: Matthijs Koster
Voice-over: Kees Prins & Beverley Jackson
Photographs by: Mike Bink and Bas Uterwijk