ZeroPhobia is a card board VR application. It ports the clinical phobia treatment into VR; making it more accessible for all.

Together with scientists, developers and designers, we have worked on the first release of the application; Fear of Heights. Currently we are in the process of making the second version for Fear of Flying.


Fear of Heights


ZeroPhobia - Fear of Heights, helps the user to go through a therapy flow in VR. It provides set of questions, help the user build their own goals to overcome their fear and give the chance to have exposure to their fears in VR.

After encouraging research results, the application is now publicly available on iOS and Android.

You can learn more about it on


Fear of Flying


We are currently working on the new release of the ZeroPhobia series; for Fear of Flying.

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Evidence Based


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Client: InSession
Development: Orb Amsterdam
Design: Studio Barbar

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